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3-6 Months / Sitters  / Toddlers

If you missed out on having a newborn shoot, or even if you didn't, the next gorgeous stage to capture is 3-6 months (before baby can sit or crawl) - gorgeous gummy smiles and lots of amazing eye contact! Next comes the 'Sitter' stage, usually between 6 to 9 months - again, a gorgeous stage of development to capture on camera! Then of course is baby's 1st Birthday (see 'Birthdays & Cake Smash'), beyond which is the extended 'Toddler' stage. All three of these wonderful stages are easily captured with either a half hour or a full hour shoot, depending on the range of images that you'd like to obtain from the shoot - priced at £35 for half an hour and £55 for an hour, these include either 3 or 6 fully edited / retouched digital images (not prints) of your choosing; if additional images are required, these are charged at just £5 per additional image.

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